Body treatments & Hammam


It is very important for your body to regularly get rid of waste. The liver and kidneys contribute daily to this drainage. Our treatments are aimed at making the organs function more efficiently, so that you benefit optimally from the body's own functions.

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Muscle complaints

If you have muscle problems, for example due to sports or a joint problem, this treatment is ideally suited. The sea mud wrap provides relief from muscle or joint pain. In addition, this treatment is extremely beneficial in relieving eczema complaints.

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Dry Hammam

The traditional ritual is a sensation for body and mind!

This is not just a matter of cleansing the body, but a feast for the senses; heat, foam, smell, and touch lead to physical and mental relaxation


At Sauna & Beauty Ommen we do not give the Hammam treatment in a wet room. The treatment takes place on a massage couch where you lie on a heating blanket. We first warm the body with warm compresses, after which we scrub the body with a kese (scrub glove) to remove dead skin cells. In the traditional Hammam way, the body is covered with a layer of foam (from the original Turkish olive soap). Then you will receive a delicious soap massage. Finally, you can extend the treatment with a 45-minute oil massage.

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